Acer Swift 3 SF315-41 Review and Disassembly (SSD, HDD Upgrade Options)


AC14B8K battery
All kinds of certificates are found on the back of the battery. We recommend that you’d better buy an original battery if you want to change the old one.
remove the motherboard
After taking out the battery, the touch panel and wire ribbon can be seen. The motherboard CMOS battery is also spotted. When removing the motherboard, all the wire ribbons need to be removed. We should not only keep the wire ribbons intact but also remember their place arrangement.
disassemble other accessories
Then we can disassemble other accessories, including the SSD and port.
The laptop comes with Hynix’s 128GB M.2 SSD. At present, hybrid hard drive scheme has been applied to many popular laptops. SSD can make the Windows 10 start within a second, but 128GB is not very large capacity. Therefore, when installing an application, we need to avoid not fully occupying system disk space.
Hynix chip
This is an SK Hynix chip.
The laptop comes with a 2.5-inch WD HDD which has 128MB cache and SATA 3.0 interface. This HDD has supporting structure, which enables it to have good stability.
uncover the black paper
After uncovering the black paper on the processor, this shield cover is spotted. We need to take out the screw more carefully.
Uncover the shield cover
Uncover the shield cover, the processor is found under the copper pipe. These eight chips are memory chips, and their capacity is 8GB in total. The chip supports dual channel. The memory can’t get upgraded. The Dual copper pipe, the processor, in particular, doesn’t have large heat dissipation area. Besides, the processor is far from the vent. If their distance shortened, the processor will have better heat dissipation performance.
Micron chip
It uses Micron chip. You can see the chip’s details.
cooling fan
It is the laptop’s cooling fan, which belongs to the brushless motor.
cooling fan
If the laptop can use an ultra-thin fan with metal blade, heat dissipation efficiency should be increased.
It adopts rear heat dissipation vent.
Wi-Fi module
This is Wi-Fi module.
After disconnecting all the connecting lines which connect the motherboard and removing all the screws, the motherboard and processor system can be removed. The motherboard has high integration, and it uses good-quality capacitor currently.
The back of the motherboard
heat dissipation clips
These are heat dissipation clips.
AMD Ryzen 7 2700U
After taking out the heat dissipation copper pipe, the processor can be seen. The laptop is powered by AMD Ryzen 7 2700U which adopts quad-core eight-thread design. The processor’s main frequency is 2.2GHz (up to 3.8GHz). This chip, built on the 14nm manufacturing process, supports 2400MHz DDR4 memory and its TDP is 15W. It comes with Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics with 10 Vega computing units, and core frequency is up to 1.3GHz.
AMD Ryzen 7 2700U
It is AMD Ryzen 7 2700U processor.
Acer Swift 3
Until now, we have finished the disassembly of the Acer Swift 3. In fact, battery, SSD, motherboard, fan, Wi-Fi, and loudspeaker can be taken out. The memory can’t be changed. The disassembly process is quite easy.


  1. I am going to buy Acer swift 3 SF315-41 1TBHHD WHICH don’t have pre-installed SSD is there any way I can install SSD along with the already existed 1TB HHD

    • Hi, from the teardown pictures, we can see the laptop comes with a free M.2 22280 SSD, so you can buy an M.2 SSD and install it on your laptop.

      • There could be different model that comes with capability of nvme that does not mean it will run nvme hence please let me know if you have seen one in person.

  2. Can you tell us the screwdriver type required to remove the exterior cover? Looks like a Torx of a small size. Do you know if this type is used uniformly across all Acer laptops?

  3. Hi, Sadly, I dropped this laptop and cracked the LCD screen and glass, the gorilla class seems to be stuck to the LCD, would you know where I might be able to get replacements?


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