AMD will launch Radeon RX 560D for Chinese market


Now, AMD will launch a new graphics card for the Chinese market: Radeon RX 560D, which is the simplified edition of Radeon RX 560. Compared with Radeon RX 560, Radeon RX 560D has 896 streaming processors, equivalent to the earlier Radeon RX 460, and its actual performance reduces about 10%. Of course, the graphics card is used for Bitcoin mining instead of playing games.

Radeon RX 560D

Earlier this year, AMD specially launched the Radeon RX 470D for the Chinese market, the price was about CNY1200 (around $175). The supply was inadequate to meet the demand because its performance was quite violent and it was loved by the majority of game players. It was the most cost-effective product in the graphics card market, but with the arrival of Bitcoin mine tide, the price of Radeon RX 470D was going up all the way, then the cost performance was poor.

AMD announces the Bitcoin Hashrate of new Radeon RX 560D is 13, almost like Radeon RX 560.



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