Asus VivoBook Pro 15 N580VD Disassembly (SSD, RAM, HDD Upgrade Options)


In this guide, I will disassemble an Asus VivoBook Pro 15 N580VD. I will remove the bottom case in order to access the battery, SSD, Wi-Fi card, RAM, cooling fan, heat sink and motherboard.

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First of all, remove 11 screws from the bottom cover.
Lift up and remove the bottom cover.

With the bottom cover removed, you can get access to the battery, HDD, SSD, RAM, speaker, Wi-Fi card, heat sink, cooling fan and motherboard.

Near the cooling fan, we can see the flash memory of the graphics card.
Below the heat sink is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card.

The cooling system uses a classic implementation with two fans and two long heat pipes that go over both the CPU and the GPU. The fans are not individually controlled and both spin at the same time.

Asus VivoBook Pro 15 N580VD provides two RAM slots, and only one RAM was installed so that you can add another RAM to the laptop.
The laptop supports up to 16GB RAM, that means you can add two 8GB RAM to the laptop.

Here’s the hard drive, it is covering by the shockproof sponge.

The 128GB SATA3 M.2 SSD is wrapped in a metal shield. If necessary, you can replace it with a 512GB SATA3 SSD. On Asus official website we only see the laptop comes with SATA3 SSD, so I think it should be not compatible with NVMe SSD.

Here’s speaker module.

From the overall dismantling point of view, in detail processing, Asus VivoBook Pro 15 N580VD still doing a good job, and the internal workmanship is relatively neat, important parts have been protective measures. The CPU and GPU are soldered on the motherboard, but the RAM, SSD, HDD, Wi-Fi chip and battery are replaceable.



  1. Hello, nice to see a the upgrade cabability. The Vivobook Pro is also selled only with M.2 SSD. In this case is the 2.5″ HDD Bay present for 2nd drive? I have an Samsung 850 PRO 2TB which I will take on the future Vivobook Pro. And how can you see if diplay is IPS or only TN?

    There are so much references but no way to know eactly. Same with video memory.

    Thanks for helping me 🙂

    Yours sincerely

  2. Today its only plan to buy the notebook. I am thinking to buy this N580VD FY252T. But no way to find ou befor I buy if its IPS. Thanks Michael 🙂

    • It seem there is no screw securing the LCD bezel, so you just need to open the LCD bezel with a card, and then remove four screws securing the screen and disconnect the LCD cable.

      • Has anyone looked into upgrading the screen? The connector on the MB is around 40 pins where the fhd screens are all 30 pins. The 4k screen is 40 pin so i assume the fhd screens are a 40 to 30 pin “adapter” cable where the 4k cable is 40 to 40. From this, i assume all of the screens can connect, just if they work with the software is another question?

        • Mine came with a 4k ultra screen, 2tb 5400rpm harddrive and 512g SSD., 16gb ddr4 gtx1050 discrete graphics with 4 GB ddr5. It has an empty memory slot can it support 32gb. 16×2 of octane memory?

  3. Has anyone looked into upgrading the screen? The connector on the MB is around 40 pins where the fhd screens are all 30 pins. The 4k screen is 40 pin so i assume the fhd screens are a 40 to 30 pin “adapter” cable where the 4k cable is 40 to 40. From this, i assume all of the screens can connect, just if they work with the software is another question?

  4. Has anyone tried replacing the 2.5″ HDD with a Samsung Evo 850 SSD 1T?

    Also, how about adding another piece of 16GB of RAM to the empty slot?

    • Yes! the Samsung Evo 850 SSD 1TB can be work on this laptop. the laptop support up to 32GB RAM, you can add another 16GB to the empty slot.

    • But battery life is poor. I show a review on Notebookcheck and the mentioned a low idle current draw. mine use always more than 15W-20W. So i only get 2h of battery use 🙁

  5. Please help me because I dont know how to remove bottom cover. I removed all screews but I don’t have idea how to remove cover. I don’t want to use to much force because I’m scared to broke something.
    Thanks for answer.

  6. Hi, unfortunately I have the TN display version.. I would like to get a new one and replace it, I’m looking for some clues about the replacement operation. Can I change the display only by removing the black plastic trim that goes along the display edges, or do I need to open some more stuff to get it changed?..
    (If you have the chance to post some pictures about this it will be great as well)
    Thank you!

  7. Hi I’m little bit confused because of what I read on this link :

    And here:

    That max ram is up to 16gb for N580VD.
    Is it some specific model that can be upgraded to 32gb or manufacturer stated that max ram is up to 16gb but it can be ignored?
    In my country shops say that this model comes with 8gb , but max ram is 16gb. What does it mean if max ram is 16gb and I install 32gb? What are potential risks?

    • I downloaded the Crucial System Scanner that reads the current system and determines upgrade compatabilities.

      On my N580VD, the scanner reports the 16GB in one slot, the second one is empty. Seems to me the second slot would support another 16GB, but ASUS support says that the second slot only works if the first slot contains 8BG or less. So by this, I might think that the second slot becomes inoperable if the first slot has 16GB. Question? Has anybody tried the second slot with another 16GB of DD4 RAM? Let us know.

  8. Hello, I recently bought this computer but it only brings the 1TB hard drive and I know
      you can place a hard drive ssd m.2, but I do not understand much, what type of disk should I buy that is compatible?

  9. I recently purchased the M580vd-eb54.

    Is the N580VD different than the M580VD?

    If not, does anyone have the HDD Bracket part number? Mine did not come with one installed, just the SSD.

    • My N580VD has the HDD bracket inside but without screes 🙂

      Maybe it could be the difference.

      I put a 850 PRO 2TB and sold my M1100 256GB SSD.

      I don’t know if i should put a NVMe SSD for OS and have some speed update 🙂

        • Hi,

          did you use your Samsung 950 PRO 512GB as system hard drive with installed OS? I`ve read some forum messages where users say that they could use Samsung 950-960 only as secondary hard drive, because it doesn`t detected in UEFI to install system on it. The only way make it system is install os on default hdd, transfer OS to ssd using some 3rd party software (like Paragon or others) and then ssd will work as system.
          Did you experience such problems?

  10. Hi All! I have the US shipped version – N580VD-DB74T – which ships with a 512gb SSD and the second bay left spare … I’m looking to install a 2TB Seagate Firecuda HDD into the spare bay but haven’t opened the machine up to have a look yet … Does anyone know if the spare bay has a HDD mount fitted or whether this would be needed (Asus part-number or generic spare part???)
    Also – to be helpful from my research if the model is described as having a ‘wide-view’ display (178degs) then it is one of the IPS units and not the TN!

    • it does have a bracket mount in it however after you remove it your going to have to cut off the black tape wrapped around it and remove the weights left where the hdd should be

  11. Hello,
    I have an Asus N58VD-DM129T unable to switch on as it’s on the keyboard function, but i can turn on from inside the laptop keyboard connector. Could you please suggest any UK supplier?

  12. Hello. I just bought this laptop recently, I want to turn it to a hackbook so I need to swap the wifi card cheap. Can anyone tell me where does it located on mobo? I can’t find it. 😐

    • It is under that padded piece of tape near the M.2 SSD slot. You need to peel that up and you will find the WiFi card.

  13. You can apply NVME SSD like I did yesterday
    I bought adata XPG SX8200 PRO 512 Then installed on fresh installation windows 10 pro choose those SSD drives and viola it installed guys

      • I’m not changing anything
        It’s just doesn’t detect my nvme drive, but windows found it as if you install it on fresh installation everything works fine,at the first time it’s shows 315 bios version but later I upgraded it to 317, nvme drive working well

    • Sorry to interrupt you, i want to ask that in Bios 317 version, did the Bios recognize NVME SSD Adata? I have N580GD wich uses a cheap low speed ssd. Did you install windows 10 casually? I mean, did you face any problem in installing windows 10?
      I want to buy the same ssd, but it is very expensive in my country. It costs about half of my monthly income.
      I appreciate you if you answere me.

  14. Hi sir, I have a question for you. Putting the hand near the fan’s air inlet,  can you feel the air flow through the fingers for both the fans? I can feel it only for CPU’s fan so I’m no sure that GPU’s fan is working good. Thanks

    • Unfortunately its fans’ speed cannot be manipulated. There is a chipset that controls the fan speed.
      I have that feeling too. Its right fan works faster than left one, but i dont know why. It doesn’t fix even with Bios upgrade.

  15. Does anyone have a motherboard for the VivoBook Pro N580VD-DS76T that would like to sell? Mine fried from a power surge. If not, i’d be willing to sell the VivoBook for parts.


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