How to fix your laptop Wi-Fi not working

The Wi-Fi helps us escape from network cable, and its advent brings huge convenience to our daily life. Besides, the Wi-Fi has gradually been...
use a soft cleaning cloth

How to Clean a Laptop Screen

In our daily life, the laptop screen is always covered with a layer of dust. Leaving the screen with dust for a long time...
clean the fan

How to Fix Laptop Fan Noise

Laptop fan noise is one of the common problems that the user usually meets. Today, we will talk about the laptop fan noise and...
Record the cell connection method

How to Open a Laptop Battery to Replace Li-ion 18650 Cells

The laptop is prone to become run out of power easily, work less hour or fail to be fully charged if its battery has...
power off laptop

What to do when you spill water into a laptop

When you are fully immersed in taping a report or working, unintentionally knocking a glass of water coffee or drink, and then water leaks...

What is M.2 SSD?

Since 2015, many manufacturers have released solid state drive (SSD) with the M.2 port. The M.2 SSD is divided into two types: SATA and...
Intel Optane Memory

How to Choose Between M.2 SSD vs Optane Memory for Your Laptop

In April this year, Intel unleashed the powerful Optane Memory, and this product is already half a year in the market. While many users...
Dell Inspiron 13 7373 keyboard

How to fix a laptop keyboard not working

For most laptop users, the most common situation is the laptop keyboard not working. It caused by the malfunction of the keyboard is a...
Lenovo Ideapad 720s touchpad

How to fix a laptop touchpad not working

A laptop usually comes with a built-in touchpad (also called mouse pad) which can function as the mouse when the mouse is not available....
clean heat sink

How to clean laptop fan to prevent overheating

We should all know that laptops are more compact than desktop computers regarding physical construction, laptops with small internal spaces. In order to achieve...

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