How to clean laptop fan to prevent overheating


We should all know that laptops are more compact than desktop computers regarding physical construction, laptops with small internal spaces. In order to achieve a small volume of a laptop, its internal laptop parts, such as the motherboard, hard drive, and so on. It must be loaded very closely.

The problem is that processors, hard drives, and other components generate a lot of heat during operation. Because the laptop’s internal space is relatively small, even if the laptop has a built-in fan and heat sink,  it is also difficult to timely cooling compared to desktop computers.

How to avoid laptop overheating

1. Keep away from high-temperature environment
2. Clean the laptop vent
3. Clean the laptop fan
4. Use the cooling pad

Of course, there are other ways to cool the laptop, such as using control software (Notebook Hardware Control), adjusting notebook power settings, etc., but these do not really, thoroughly prevent high temperatures, so I do not recommend doing this. Below I will show you how to clean the laptop fan and heat sink in order to avoid laptop overheating. This is the most thorough solution.

How to clean a laptop fan

Unlock and remove the battery.
remove the battery

Remove the service cover.
Remove the service cover

Under the service cover, you should be able to access the heat sink and cooling fan.
access the heat sink

Remove four screws securing the heat sink.
Remove three screws securing the cooling fan.
remove cooling fan

Disconnect the cooling fan cable from the motherboard.
Disconnect the cooling fan cable

Now, you can remove the cooling fan and heat sink.
remove the cooling fan

You can see that the vents of the heat sink have accumulated thick dust.
vents of the heat sink

Clean the heat sink with a hairbrush.
Clean the heat sink

Remove the thermal grease.
thermal grease

Remove the cooling fan plate.
cooling fan plate

Clean the cooling fan with a hairbrush.
Clean the cooling fan

Apply new thermal grease on the processor.
Apply new thermal grease


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