Dell Vostro 13 5370 Disassembly (SSD, RAM Upgrade Options)


In this guide, I will disassemble a Dell Vostro 13 5370 laptop. I will remove the bottom cover to access the battery, RAM, SSD, Wi-Fi card, speaker, cooling fan, heat sink, and motherboard.

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Dell Vostro 13 5370 uses a thin body design, 13-inch notebook as large as A4 paper, very easy to carry. What about the internal structure of such a light laptop? Is it possible to expand and upgrade it? Then we’re going to carry out a simple dismantling to see its internal design.

The bottom plate comes off quite easily – you just have to remove all the screws and gently pry it up. This will give you access to pretty much all of the internals.
remove bottom plate

With the bottom plate removed, you can get access to the battery, CMOS battery, M.2 SSD, RAM, Wi-Fi card, cooling fan heat sink, and motherboard.
Dell Vostro 13 5370 internal picture

The unit we’ve tested came with a SanDisk M.2 SATA3 SSD with 256GB capacity. Of course, you can always upgrade it if needed.
Dell Vostro 13 5370 M.2 SSD

Surprisingly, the motherboard has two RAM chip slots that can be filled with up to 32GB of DDR4-2400 RAM, but the unit we’ve tested was equipped with an 8GB chip. The slot, however, is located under the small shielded sticker in the middle.
Dell Vostro 13 5370 RAM slot

Dell Vostro 13 5370 RAM

Dell Vostro 13 5370 spare RAM slot

Dell Vostro 13 5370 support battery fast charging technology, the official claim that the fast charging 15-25 minutes, from 0% to 35%. Charge from 0%-25% charge only 15 minutes.
Dell Vostro 13 5370 left speaker

Speaker module
Dell Vostro 13 5370 right speaker



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