How to Extend Laptop Battery Life


Laptop’s biggest advantage lies in its portability that enables the user to carry it to anywhere. However, a laptop usually sports a battery with a small capacity, which fails to enable the laptop to work for a long time. It has always been a defect for a laptop. How to extend laptop battery life? Now, we will give some methods to extend laptop battery life.

laptop battery

Use Windows’s Battery Saver Mode

A laptop will use much power without operating any task if it is in the balance or high-performance mode. In the energy efficiency mode, a laptop may run a little slow during operation. But the laptop can work fluently with an application running. On Windows 7, you can save energy by selecting the “Power saver” Power Plan from Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options.

Reduce Display Brightness

The laptop’s screen is a component that consumes much power just as a phone’s screen does. The most battery has been provided for the screen. Therefore, lower the screen brightness as much as possible. Besides, bright laptop screen does eyes no good.

Close unused Applications

Running too many applications will increase laptop’s power consumption. Some software consumes much power like CAD. The laptop should work for seven hours, but it can only work less than three hours only because the laptop runs the CAD.

Shorten time to enter hibernate

Sometimes we can get the laptop enter hibernate if we don’t need to use the laptop right now. That shortens laptop’s time to enter hibernate is to prevent us from forgetting to turn the laptop off since keeping the laptop on will consume power.

Adjust laptop’s visual effect

Right click My Computer, choose Advanced System Setup on the left, and then click performance Setup to adjust visual effect to optimum performance.

Reduce battery charging frequency

The charge and discharge times of the laptop battery is limited. Don’t put the battery in the laptop when it gets fixed power supply, which avoids keeping the battery getting charged all the time. But it is also not good to put the battery aside for a long time. You’d better fully charge and discharge the battery once in a month to extend laptop battery life.


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