How to fix a laptop with black screen


A laptop with a black screen is also one common laptop problem that pesters the laptop user. We summarize several main reasons that cause the laptop black screen and solutions to it.

laptop with black screen

Laptop power supply failure

If your laptop’s screen turns black when the laptop uses the battery without a power supply connection, then the black screen may be caused by the depleted battery. You can connect the power adaptor and get the laptop started. If the laptop’s screen is still black, then usually it is the laptop breakdown that causes the laptop’s black screen. You can also find a power adaptor of the same specification with the laptop’s adaptor and connect it to the laptop, then get it started. If the laptop screen still shows black, we can confirm that the laptop itself breaks down.

Laptop hardware failure

If that the laptop’s black screen is caused by power supply failure or battery problem has been ruled out, then it probably is the laptop breakdown that causes laptop’s black screen. Laptop’s loose memory chip or hardware failure may cause it with a black screen. Besides, the black screen is also likely to be caused by loose LCD cable. If the laptop gets a severe crash or falls, the laptop’s screen is prone to get damaged, or the LCD cable is prone to get loose.

Laptop screen failure

Besides, when the screen is black, and the laptop turns on, you can hear whether the CPU fan is rotating. If the laptop fan works well, then it means that the laptop gets normal power supply. Therefore, it is much likely that the graphics card or the screen is out of work that causes the laptop’s black screen. The easy method to judge is to get an external screen and see if the external screen turns on.


The depleted battery or power adaptor failure in connection often leads to the laptop’s black screen. Of course, that the memory chip gets loose may also cause the black screen. Besides, we suggest that you should get the laptop repaired if the black screen is caused by hardware or screen problem. After all, disassemble the laptop will make the user lose the laptop’s warranty.


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