How to Clean a Laptop Screen


In our daily life, the laptop screen is always covered with a layer of dust. Leaving the screen with dust for a long time not only influence visual effect and cause visual fatigue but also does laptop no good. Today, we will introduce a method of clean laptop screen with cleaner.
Laptop screen cleaner
Soft cleaning cloth

Five steps to clean a laptop screen

First of all, clean the LCD screen softly with a tissue, mainly aiming at removing dust from the screen surface.
clean with a tissue
Secondly, put the cleaner towards the screen and gently press it down to evenly spray the fluid on the surface of the screen. (Use moderate cleaner fluid).
Use moderate cleaner
Next, use a soft cleaning cloth to wipe the screen surface with in the clockwise or counterclockwise direction, which will bring better cleaning effect.
use a soft cleaning cloth
Then, directly spray the cleaner on a soft cleaning cloth evenly, and then clean the LCD screen with the cleaning cloth in one direction.
spray the cleaner
Finally, use the tissue gently to wipe the screen surface again. It is the last step to clean the laptop surface.
use the tissue

Attention: This method also applies to the desktop computer, phone, iPad and the TV LCD screen.


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