How to fix a laptop battery not charging


Recently, many citizens have complained about their laptop battery not charging problem even when they connect the power adaptor. How does it happen? There are four reasons that will cause this problem: power adaptor fault, battery fault, motherboard fault and circuit fault. Today, we will provide a solution to solve laptop not charging problem.

laptop not charging

1. Software problem
Generally speaking, many laptop brands including Dell, ThinkPad and Sony have applied power management software to their laptops. If the laptop starts “battery protection mode”, the power management software will forbid the battery charging or discharging to extend the battery’s life as long as it detects that the user uses a power supply.

Therefore, you can enter relative management software and close battery protection mode or tick off charging forbidden option if you find your laptop not charging. If the hardware works well, then the battery will get charged.

2. Hardware problem
The battery’s hardware breaks down. In general, we can restart the laptop or put or take out the battery to judge whether the battery is out of work. If the laptop battery still fails to get charged, you can install some hardware detection applications to know the battery’s condition. If you confirmed that the battery’s hardware breaks down, we suggest that you should get it repaired or buy a new original battery instead of disassembling or trying to recover it.

Safe repair method
Enter bios when the laptop gets started. Find “start battery calibration” in power program. The laptop will usually remind the user to connect the power adaptor to get fully charged. Then the words will appear on the laptop, suggesting that the user should disconnect the AC power cord. Win7 system will force the laptop to keep discharging until the battery has run down. Then the laptop will automatically power off. We can connect the power adapter to get the laptop charged without turning it on. As the rechargeable battery indicator goes out, it means that the whole process comes to an end.

It may take 5 hours for the laptop to complete the bios battery repair process. Therefore, you’d better operate this process when you don’t need to use the laptop. If this method still fails to solve the laptop battery not charging problem, then you have no choice but getting the battery repaired or buying a new original one.


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