How to fix a laptop keyboard not working


For most laptop users, the most common situation is the laptop keyboard not working. It caused by the malfunction of the keyboard is a lot of numbers instead of letters appear when pressing letter button on the keyboard. This case always bothers many new users. The reason for this situation is because the user opens numeric keypad function of the keyboard.

N580VD keyboard

Limited by its size, the laptop has compact layout design for keyboard and comes without the numeric keypad. Many users frequently meet such case during the operation. To solve the problem, the computer manufacturers adopt smart way which is to design part buttons on the right keyboard to a numeric keypad and add a button to work with FN so as to open numeric keypad. The user can find the NumLock button and press together with FN, and then the laptop keyboard not working can be solved.

Of course, the keyboard not working caused by software or hardware problem is also common to be found in daily use. Downloading infected file or installing software may affect keyboard driver, which leads to the keyboard not typing. To solve this problem, you need to uninstall current drivers, and then download the latest drivers from official website and install.

As single key not working, it will lead to the FN button malfunction or make key switch fail to achieve, or other problems. Since the laptop keyboard is difficult to take apart and its uncontrolled circuit board, the user needs to directly get it repaired in a laptop repair shop, or buy a new keyboard to replace the old keyboard.


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