How to fix a laptop touchpad not working


A laptop usually comes with a built-in touchpad (also called mouse pad) which can function as the mouse when the mouse is not available. The touchpad is easy to operate. What should you do if the laptop touchpad not working? Then, let’s learn some techniques to solve the malfunction.

Lenovo Ideapad 720s touchpad

The laptop touchpad not working is one problem that we will meet during the operation. There are many reasons that cause it not work. We should take much into consideration when seeking the reason for the touchpad not working. Find out the reason and solve the problem. Next, let’s learn some cause for the laptop mouse pad not working and techniques to solve.

Enable Your Touchpad

If the touchpad suddenly fails to work during the operation, maybe you disable the touchpad unwittingly. Under such case, press FN + F6 buttons (different laptop has different button, and touchpad image is on the button) to unlock. Some laptops come with a built-in button which can directly open or disable it.

Hardware problem

If the above mentioned is not the reason, then it may be the hardware problem. In such case, the user should contact the laptop repair shop or call customer service. The malfunction is common to be found in laptops which have been used for a long time. Those laptops are usually no longer under warranty in such case. The cost will be high if you get the laptop repaired. You can also change a new touchpad by yourself.

Update drivers

Uninstall the original touchpad first, and then download the latest touchpad driver from official website. If the laptop touchpad not working hasn’t been solved, the user can check touchpad setting. The user inputs “mouse setting” in “start” button or Windows 8’ search charm, and then choose “Change mouse settings”. Notice that other options look extremely similar to this option.


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