How to fix your laptop Wi-Fi not working


The Wi-Fi helps us escape from network cable, and its advent brings huge convenience to our daily life. Besides, the Wi-Fi has gradually been applied to the laptop. However, the laptop often fails to get connected to the wireless network. How to solve this problem?


The solution to deal with laptop Wi-Fi not working

Step 1: Check whether the wireless card drive is correctly installed. Right click “My Computer”, select “Manage” and then double click “Device Manager”. Look in the panel on the right and double click “Network Adapters”. Check whether the network device with the question mark or exclamation mark exists. If such device exists, then the wireless card drive isn’t installed in a correct method. Next, use the laptop with a good network connection to download relative drive program. Copy the drive program to the laptop with Wi-Fi not connecting and get the drive program installed. It is the first step to get the laptop Wi-Fi not working solved.

Step 2: If the wireless network can’t be searched, then you should check if the Wi-Fi of the laptop gets started. For some laptops, the user needs to use Fn+ F5 to get Wi-Fi completely started after open the Wi-Fi. As for some ThinkPad laptops, the user needs to start the power management software to get the Wi-Fi in normal use. Therefore, we need to make sure the installation of the power management.

Step 3: If the wireless network still can’t be searched even the Wi-Fi is started, right click wireless network icon at the right corner and open network connection. Then right click wireless network image again and click “Manage” and “Wireless network setting”. Tick the confirmation before “use Windows to match my wireless connection setting”, then start “Check available wireless connection” again to check if you can search Wi-Fi. In this way, the laptop Wi-Fi not connecting should be solved.

Operate the above three steps, the laptop’s failure in wireless network connection can be solved. If the laptop Wi-Fi not still can’t be solved, then you should consider whether wireless network hardware gets damaged.


  1. I think my wireless network hardware damaged!
    During the connection , WiFi is disconnected automatically and when I check in ‘drivers’ there is yellow question mark. After restarting the laptop most of the time issue resolved.
    What should I do , buy & change WiFi module or go for customer service care ??


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