Huawei Honor 8 Teardown

(Last updated on November 30, 2016)

Overall, the process of dismantling the Honor 8 is not particularly difficult, the glass cover and the frame are connected by a large number of glue, and all ribbon cables is fixed on the motherboard by sheet metal.

In order to ensure proper heat dissipation, there are a large area of graphite thermal stickers on the back cover, all mainly chips is covering by metal shield, the whole workmanship is more rigorous, its front and rear cameras are assembled by Sunnyoptical.

Glass body has an unavoidable problem. That is fragile, Honor 8 added a layer injection molding frame between the glass back and metal frame, which are mainly to cushion when the phone drop, reducing the risks of fragile glass.

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Card tray design: SIM 1 is for Nano-SIM card, SIM 2/TF is for Nano-SIM card and TF-card

Insert the pick or guitar pick between the back cover and the phone body.
Slide the pick by the edge. Finally, remove the back cover from the phone.

Be careful, the fingerprint recognition module still connecting to the motherboard.

Remove the sheet metal that fixed the fingerprint recognition cable.

Huawei Honor 8’s back cover made of a single piece of glass, only opened two holes for fingerprint keys and flash, it is also covered with a layer of graphite thermal sticker.

Here’s fingerprint recognition module.

All main chips are covering with metal shield.

Remove the battery.

Huawei Honor 8 comes with a 3.82V, 3000mAH Li-polymer battery.

USB Type-C port wrap a layer of rubber, which can reduce dust entering the phone inside, it is possible to have a simple waterproof.

Remove the motherboard.

8MP front camera and Sony 12MP IMX286 rear camera.

Toshiba 64GB ROM
Kirin 950 + 4GB RAM
MAXIM MAX98925EW Audio Amplifier
VIA CPM1.0A charge IC
VIA CBP8.2D CDMA base band
Skyworks 77621-51 RF Amplifier
Quorvo TQF6297H RF Amplifier
TI BQ25892 power management chip

HiSilicon Hi6402 HiFi
HiSilicon Hi6421 power management chip
HiSilicon Hi6362 RF transceiver
HiSilicon Hi6422 power management chip
Skyworks 77360-2 RF Amplifier
Skyworks 77765-1 RF Amplifier
Skyworks 13535 RF Amplifier
Broadcom BCM47774 GNSS receiver

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