Huawei MateBook D (2018) Disassembly and SSD, RAM, HDD upgrade options


The laptop comes with WD’s 1TB HDD. The HDD can be easily removed or upgraded.

HDD port
The port of the WD HDD can be removed.

Port detail
Port detail

take out the battery, SSD and HDD
Now, we have successfully taken out the battery, SSD and HDD.

The memory is protected by the iron cover. Remove the cover, and then the memory can be seen.

Samsung memory
The capacity of a Samsung memory is 4GB. The 8GB DDR4 is big enough for the user to operate regular applications. Besides, the memory is not easy to get broken. Therefore, the user does not need to upgrade the memory.

The fan can be removed. If the user needs to clear the laptop, just take out the fan to get the internal laptop better cleared.

It is the back of the fan.

Wi-Fi module and the motherboard
There are the Wi-Fi module and the motherboard.

rear vent
The rear vent is small.

Wi-Fi module
The Wi-Fi module is not easy to get broken.

keyboard and touchpad
The motherboard is removed. Here left the keyboard and touchpad, which can’t be removed.

electronic components on the motherboard
It is the blue motherboard. The copper pipe with heat conduction function, processor, graphics card, video memory, port and other electronic components can be seen on the motherboard.

Huawei MateBook D (2018) motherboard
Huawei MateBook D (2018) motherboard

The separator paper is on the back of the motherboard.


Port detail
Port detail

remove heat dissipation system
After taking out the heat dissipation system, we can see the processor and graphics card covered by conductive silicone on the motherboard. After each disassembly on the processor and graphics card, we need to apply new conductive silicone to the processor and graphics card.

Input and output control chip
Input and output control chip from the British ITE company

NVIDIA MX150 graphics card
It is the NVIDIA MX150 graphics card with the capacity of 25W.

i5-8250U processor
The silver Huawei MateBook D (2018) is powered by quad-core Intel’s eighth-generation Core i5-8250U processor.

Hynix 1GB DDR5
Two chips on the right are Hynix 1GB DDR5.

remove the conductive silicone
Remove the conductive silicone from the copper pipe with heat conduction function before the installation.

SSD, HDD, memory, Wi-Fi, fan, battery and motherboard
Now, we have finished the disassembly of the Huawei MateBook D (2018). The disassembly process is quite easy. We can see the SSD, HDD, memory, Wi-Fi, fan, battery and motherboard, which can be changed.

As a whole, the Huawei MateBook D (2018) has good workmanship and uses good-quality materials. Besides, the laptop’s late maintenance work is easy for the user to handle.



  1. Curious, what kind of connector does the display use if I need to source a replacement? Is it a 40-pin? Will a similar lcd be compatible if I can’t find an exact model screen from the manufacturer?

    • Please use a thin plastic tool insert between the cover and laptop body, and slide the tool to release these snaps.

  2. can u tell me the which brand is good and fast for my device I need to upgrade 1tb ssd and 16gb ram 8×2 ram model ddr 4 am I right is it necessary to upgrade ram

  3. Hola que tal , tengo una Huawei Matebook D, i5, 256GB SSD, me gustaría saber si es posible ampliar con cualquier disco duro SSD, en este caso yo poseo un kingston.

  4. hi :D.
    I wanna ask!
    when I replaced my screen, I saw in the back of the battery wrote LED ??
    what kind of screen is it please?
    I think its IPS not LED ??
    plz, answer me!

  5. Hi. What SATA HDD connector for Matebook D [mrc-w50]? What number of pin [10 or 12]?
    I’ve found DD0H95HD010 [jse 18/11/19] on aliexpress. Is it fit for my laptop?

  6. Hi Paweł and others.
    I ordered DD0H95HD010 on eBay for $3.99 + shipment and it works perfectly fine with 1TB SSD drive.
    Easy to connect, easy to set up in W10.

    Cheers guys!!!

  7. Can the laptop work with the battery removed (but plugged into a socket of course)? I am asking because after a few years its common for laptop batteries to die and not be replaced. Instead the laptop is plugged in and used as a desktop.

  8. Hello! I have Matebook D (2018). Can you please tell me, what is the rated limit for Ram upgrade. As I am wondering to install 16 GB Ram in the second slot which is empty. The laptop had already 8 gb installed ram at first slot.

    • Mine had 2 4gb sticks in it from factory. I took one out & added a 16gb stick. My laptop is showing 20gb total now. I’m certain you could even add 2 32gb sticks for 64gb total if you wanted to. The laptop should have no issues using it.


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