How to Install an SSD in a Laptop


As the SSD has become common to see in the market, many users may be eager to know the method of the SSD installation. The SSD has not only solved traditional HDD’s performance weakness, brought faster laptop’s turning on or turning off speed, improved laptop’s fluency but also effectively improved file transfer speed. Nowadays, SSD has become an indispensable part of popular laptops. Even though some laptops haven’t come with SSD, the user can purchase the SSD to install to get the update. However, how to install the SSD on a laptop? Today, we will introduce the methods of laptop SSD installation.

There are three cases of laptop SSD installation:

1. Directly take out the original 2.5′ HDD. Buy a new 2.5′ SSD to install it into the HDD place.

2. For the laptop with the CD drive, change the CD drive into HDD place. Remove the CD drive and install SSD. The advantage of this method is that the user can not only remain HDD but also install SSD. In this way, the laptop will have dual drives. Then install the system to the SSD.

3. For the new laptop with the M.2 port, we can buy the M.2 SSD, and then disassemble the laptop to install the M.2 SSD to achieve dual hard drives.

For the first case mentioned above, we need to disassemble the laptop to change SSD. For some laptops, the HDD can be changed as long as the HDD cover at the bottom gets removed. For others, we need to remove the whole back cover to get SSD changed.

For the second case mentioned above, we can adapt the CD drive place into the 2.5″ SSD extension place if you don’t need the CD drive.

For the last case mentioned above, we need to disassemble the laptop to access the M.2 port, install the M.2 SSD, and then get it fixed.


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