Lenovo plans to acquire 20% shares of Compal


According to the report from Taiwanese media, Lenovo Group will acquire 20% shares of Compal which is a Taiwanese laptop manufacturer. Lenovo plans to start a new cooperation relationship with Compal by buying Compal’s shares.

It is also claimed that Compal will give the shares to Lenovo in this quarter if everything goes well. The general manager of Compal – Chen Ruicong has also unveiled that Compal’s relationship with Lenovo will not be influenced by LCFC’s contract expiration and the orders from Lenovo will not decrease. But the spokesman of Compal has expressed that he hasn’t heard about it. Taiwanese media has claimed that over 60% of Lenovo laptops are made by Compal, and the rest are made via outsourcing. And Compal has occupied 50% to 60% of outsourcing part.

The cooperation between Lenovo and Compal begins with the establishment of LCFC which is founded jointly by Lenovo and Compal in 2010. Lenovo holds 51% of LCFC’s shares while Compal holds 49% of its shares. LCFC’s main manufacturing base is located in Hefei, and its core business is to produce Lenovo laptops. LCFC’s contract has expired this October.


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