Lenovo IdeaPad Y910 Disassembly and RAM, HDD, SSD upgrade guide


In CES 2016, Lenovo unveiled a high-end game laptop IdeaPad Y900, with the flagship graphics card GTX980M, can be described as a late love, finally let the game like Lenovo mad people finally got their comfort. However, may be considered for the product cycle. Lenovo did not release this product. Wait until the advent of the summer when the Pascal mobile graphics, Nvidia’s internal decryption file confirmed the existence of Y910, but the code is still IdeaPad Y910 Hero. Today, at 0:00 on November 7, equipped with a mechanical keyboard performance monster IdeaPad Y910 meet with you, the two sub-models priced at 19999 yuan and 23999 yuan.

The first step is removing all screws securing the bottom cover.
Pry up and remove the cover.

Under the bottom cover, you can get access to the battery, RAM, SSD, HDD, wireless card, speaker, CMOS battery, heat sink, and cooling fan.

0.3mm fan blade ultra-thin metal fan

Two Samsung SM951 consisting of PCI-E channel RAID 0 system.

Two 16GB DDR4 2133 RAM, the other two RAMs are located in the back of the motherboard.

1TB 7200RPM hard drive

Heat sink

Video cable

Lenovo IdeaPad Y910’s subwoofer module

Overall, the Lenovo IdeaPad Y910’s cooling module is far from luxurious, but the overall layout is reasonable and efficient.

In terms of maintainability and internal scalability, the laptop did not consider too much, the memory on the back of the motherboard obviously did not consider allowing players to replace, in fact, large enough capacity is not necessary to replace.

In addition, the IdeaPad Y910 has KillerDoubleShot ™ Pro dual acceleration network card. This model uses Killer E2400 Ethernet card and Killer1535 wireless card, automatically in the wired and wireless two links in the choice of faster connections. The unique low latency feature, effectively improving signal efficiency, reducing the 50% dropped rate, packet delay improvement rate of up to 70%.

Source: zol.com.cn


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