NVDIA will release GTX1060 with 5G GDDR5 next month

What NVDIA impresses the public most is its development capability on GPU. When part information on GTX1080ti and GTX1070ti has been unveiled, most consumers felt amazed and doubted about it.

According to boardchannels, NVDIA will release GTX1060 with 5G GDDR5 next month because may Internet cafes give the same feedback that frames become unstable when the user play Playunknown Battlegrounds which s currently popular with GTX1060 3G. Next month, “chicken dinner” from Tencent agent will be online next month and many mainland consumers are estimated to play it. NVDIA decides to release GTX1060 5G based on market feedback. The GTX1060 5G is specially designed for Internet cafes and SI clients and t is not allowed to be sold to other distributors.
GTX1060 5G

The GTX1060 5G’s specification is still unknown. The new card’s specification is inferred to keep the same with P2000. It means that the GTX1060 5G will have 1,024 stream processors and 160-bit memory interface and its performance will be much close to GTX 1060 3G’.


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