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LCD Cable for Acer DDZHNALC020

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Product Description
Note: Make sure the LCD cable has same part number, photo as your original LCD cable!
  • SKU: LMCAC10007
  • Condition: Brand new info
  • Warranty: 12 Months info
  • Availability: In Stock, ready to ship in 24 hours

This is a brand new video cable for Acer DDZHNALC020 laptop. It is sold exactly as shown on the website. Be sure to remove your original LCD cable from your laptop and confirm it is as same as ours.

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Install Guide

How to replace LCD cable on Acer DDZHNALC020

1. First of all, make sure the Acer DDZHNALC020 laptop is powered off. Unlock and remove the battery.
2. Remove twelve marked screws from the bottom cover.
3. Separate the bottom cover from the rest of the laptop. You can pry the bottom cover with a thin card if necessary.
4. Remove the bottom cover from your Acer DDZHNALC020 laptop.
5. Unplug the battery connector from the motherboard by the edges. Remove all screws securing the battery. Lift up and remove it.
6. Unplug the video cable from the motherboard.
7. Remove the screw cover from the left lower corner of the display assembly. Remove the screw under the cover.
8. Remove the screw cover from the right lower corner of the display assembly. Remove the screw under the cover.
9. Start separating the display bezel from the back cover with a thin card. Insert the thin card between the display bezel and back cover. At the same time insert your fingers under the bezel.
10. Continue removing the bezel with your finger and thin card. Finally, remove the bezel from the display assembly.
11. Remove four screws that securing the LCD screen to the back cover.
12. Separate the LCD screen from the display back cover and place it on the palm rest assembly.
13. Remove clear tape securing the LCD cable connector and disconnect it from the LCD screen.
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