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Screen for Dell Inspiron 11 3168

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LCD Screen For Dell Inspiron 11 3168

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Product Description
  • SKU: LMSDL10019
  • Size: 11.6-inch Non-Touchscreen info
  • Backlight type: LED info
  • Resolution: WXGA (1366X768) HD info
  • Surface: info
  • Condition: Brand New, no dead pixel info
  • Warranty: 12 Months info
  • Availability: In stock, ready to ship in 24 hours

Note: Make sure the new replacement LCD screen for Dell Inspiron 11 3168 has same shape, size, resolution, connector type as your original screen!

If you have any questions about the laptop parts, please feel free contact us. One of our support staff will help you with whatever you need.

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Install Guide

How to remove or replace the LCD screen on Dell Inspiron 11 3168

1. Ensure the Dell Inspiron 11 3168 is unplugged from the AC adapter. Remove the laptop battery as well.
2. Find the round cover stickers that are hiding the screws on the screen bezel. These stickers are usually on the bottom of the bezel, near the screen hinges, when you have the screen opened. You should find one on each side of the screen.
3. Use a sharp object to help remove the cover stickers without damaging them. Stick it between the edge of the cover and bezel of the Dell Inspiron 11 3168 laptop, and then pry the sticker away.
4. Use your screwdriver to remove the now-exposed screws.
5. Carefully start prying the screen bezel away from the back side of the screen case. The bezel is usually secured to the back case with plastic snaps.
6. Once the bezel is fully removed, you'll find the screen secured to a metal trim frame on the left and right sides. Remove the four screws holding the trim frame pieces to the back screen case. Now, you should be able to lift the screen slightly away from the back screen case.
7. Now you should be able to set the screen face-down onto the keyboard of the Dell Inspiron 11 3168. Be careful not to put excessive force on the video cable attached to the back of the screen.
8. Disconnect the video cable from the back of the screen.
9. Once you've fully removed the broken screen, simply place the new one face-down like you did the old one. Reattach the video cable to the connector and place the cables and any tape just like they were for the old one.

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