Laptop Screen Surface

Review the following information before purchasing an LCD screen

  1. A matte LCD screen has an anti-glare coating that diffuses ambient light. A side effect of the coating is a slight blurring, reduced contrast, and a narrow viewing angle. A matte screen may be the best one for a color-minded professional. Also a matte LCD may be better for your eyes in the long run.
  2. In general, a glossy LCD screen has a better contrast, brighter colors (more saturated), and better viewing angles. A glossy screen may look more vibrant to watch movies or play games. The major disadvantage of a glossy screen is the reflection of a light and other objects. Sometimes it is not easy to adjust the screen to make it less reflective. Glare may interfere with color perception. Also in print, supersaturated colors will not show up. Overusing a glossy screen may cause a vision problem (eye strain). Also the distractions from reflection may cause a headache (brain overloaded thought eye's nervous signals). Many visual designers find that the glossy screens present unrealistic colors and overly contrasted images. Sometimes photographs cannot be accurately matched to the final print.
  3. So matte or glossy? Actually, it is a personal preference. When choosing between two types of screens. make your decision after careful consideration. It is better to buy after seeing and comparing matte and glossy types first.

Usually, on our website, we only listed the glossy screen. If you need a matte screen, please feel free contact us.