Sony Xperia XZ Teardown


Sony officially announced the Xperia XZ at the IFA 2016 conference and accepted the reservation on October 13. The overall shape of the phone is still a continuation of SONY’s flagship machine, but the back cover from the previous glass material to metal material, dual speaker structure.

Remove the dual SIM card slot.
Using a heat gun heat up the edge of the display, lift up the display assembly a little bit, at the same time, insert a pick under the display assembly. Slide the pick along the edge to take off the display assembly.

It featured a 5.2-inch 1080P screen that taking S3330 chipset from Synaptics.

Around the screen and the handset has a circle of black waterproof sealing foam.

There is also a rubber seal at the end of the SIM card slot.

Remove the SIM card slot sticker and stainless steel support plate.

The battery is fixed with white no trace glue, which is convenient to remove and replace the battery.
Xperia XZ comes with a 2900mAh Li-polymer battery, Sony P/N: LIS1632ERPC.

NFC coil on the back of the metal plate

Remove the USB Type-C / microphone sub-board and side key/vibration motor flex board.

Microphone board and USB Type-C soft board through the ZIF interface connection.

USB Type-C port has a circle of red rubber seal ring.

Fingerprint identification and power button on side key soft board.

Remove the bottom main antenna and coaxial cable module.

The back of the main antenna frame integrates the speaker module.

Remove the motherboard and front, rear camera modules.

13MP front camera and 23MP rear camera

On-board laser focus sensor, RGBC-IR sensor, and flash. The laser focus allows Xperia XZ cameras to take focus more quickly, while the addition of RGBC-IR sensors greatly enhances the accuracy of white balance and exposure.

The position of the sensor in the back of the fuselage

Remove the headphone module from the rear housing, volume and camera buttons. Can be seen the back cover have a big change, it is no heat pipe on the back cover.

The headphone module is supplied by the ALPS and is sealed to the body frame by foam.

The front of the motherboard:
Qorba QM78064 High-Frequency RF Fusion Module
Skyworks Sky77660-11 power amplifier
Qualcomm WTR3925 RF Transceiver
Qualcomm WTR4905 RF Transceiver
Bosch BMI160 gyroscope
Qualcomm WCD9335 audio decoder chip
SK Hynix H26M78208CMR 32GB ROM
Qualcomm WSA8810 loudspeaker amplifier
Qualcomm PMI8996 power management chip

The back of the motherboard:
Murata (package) Wi-Fi/BT/FM/GPS
NXP PN547 NFC control chip
Qualcomm PM8996 power management chip
SK Hynix 3GB RAM + Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor



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