What to do when you spill water into a laptop


When you are fully immersed in taping a report or working, unintentionally knocking a glass of water coffee or drink, and then water leaks into your laptop. Undoubtedly such case often happens in our daily life. Many people don’t know how to take immediate measure while meeting such situation, and many laptops become out of work soon because no immediate action is taken. What should you do when you spill water into a laptop? The following lists several right steps for your reference to solve the problem.

water in laptop

5 Steps to Saving Your Laptop After Spilled Water

1. First of all, power off your laptop. If your laptop is leaked with water on the go, the first step is to power off the laptop. Many people believe that the laptop can still work after leaked with water and put it aside. This conception is totally wrong. Therefore, once your laptop is leaked with water, power off it immediately.

power off laptop

2. After powering off the laptop, don’t forget to unplug the external power source. Besides, remove the battery to avoid emergency situation happening in the later process.

disconnect AC adapter
3. Unplug all the external accessories including mouse, external cable, M.2 SSD, external HDD or USB. You can also take out hard disk and CD drive if you could.

upside the laptop
5. Then you need to upside the laptop down to make the beverage, water or other fluids flowing out. In the meantime, you can also use electric fan or dryer to bow the laptop’s internal part to accelerate the drying. Keep the inverted laptop for few hours.

clean water
5. After the fluid flow out from the laptop, clean water stains on the surfaces, including keyboard, touchpad and screen. If the fluid is the sugary beverage, you need to clean the fluid residue more meticulously.


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