• Genuine Keyboard for HP ProBook 650 G4 ProBook 650 G5 - L09593-001 L09594-001 L09595-001

Genuine Keyboard for HP ProBook 650 G4 ProBook 650 G5 - L09593-001 L09594-001 L09595-001

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Genuine Keyboard for HP ProBook 650 G4 ProBook 650 G5 - L09593-001 L09594-001 L09595-001 Details

Listed is a brand new, original US layout backlight keyboard for HP ProBook 650 G4 and ProBook 650 G5 business laptop. The keyboard is available in part number L09593-001(backlight without pointing stick), L09594-001(non-backlight), and L09595-001(backlight with pointing stick).

Both laptops support backlit keyboards. If your laptop comes with a non-backlit keyboard, then you can buy a backlit keyboard instead of your keyboard.

If you need keyboards in other languages, such as Japanese, Spanish, German, French, UK, etc, please click on the contact us at the bottom of the page to contact us.

1. This is a brand new, genuine keyboard with the original part number, and manufacturer model.
2. It is a US layout keyboard.
3. There are three screw posts on the back of the keyboard.

Layout: US
Color: Black key with silver frame
Backlit: Yes/No
Condition: Brand new, Original
Warranty: 12 months

Compatible Models:
ProBook 650 G4
ProBook 650 G5

Part Number:

Package Includes:
1 x keyboard

1. These two business laptop uses an external keyboard so you can easily replace the keyboard without having to go to a repair shop.
2. This keyboard is 100% compatible with your laptop as long as your laptop model is in our list of compatible models.
3. Before you start to replace the keyboard you need to know the detailed steps to replace the keyboard, I suggest you go to the HP website to download the hardware maintenance manual and then follow the keyboard removal and replacement procedures steps in the manual to replace the keyboard.
3. In order to understand the replacement procedure more intuitively, you can also go to youtube.com and find a video tutorial for replacing this keyboard.
4. To remove the keyboard for ProBook 650 G4 or ProBook 650 G5, you need to remove the back cover and disconnect the battery cable according to standard procedures.
5. You have to remove three Phillips screws that secure the keyboard to the palm rest.
6. Lift up your keyboard and please it on your palm rest. Disconnect the keyboard cable, pointing stick cable, and backlight cable from the motherboard ZIF connector, and then you can remove the keyboard.

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