Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Teardown


Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum made by Xiaomi’s ecosystem partner Rockrobo, it features a Nidec brushless DC motor and claims to be ultra quiet. Its 5,200 mAh battery promises 2.5 hours of cleaning. It goes on sale on September 6 in China for 1,699 yuan, which is approximately $255, £195 and AU$340. By comparison, CNET’s pick for best affordable robot vacuum, the Neato XV Signature Pro, costs around $420 or £300.

Like other Mi Ecosystem products, it pairs and integrates with the Mi Home app. It can be controlled remotely where users can remotely power it on or off, and it also lets you set regular cleaning schedules.

Tools Needed:

We take apart it from the bottom of the Mi robot vacuum.

Remove six screws securing the back cover.

Six screws evenly distributed at the bottom of the sweeping robot, each screw has been polished.

After removing the screws, do not uncover the back cover to see the internal details, first remove the main brush, the brush is a consumable, it can be demolition and replacement.

Here’s auxiliary brush, it is also the consumable. It is also relatively easy to uninstall by removing one screw.

Remove the back cover.

Remove the battery.
It features a 14.4v, 74.88Wh, 5200mAh Li-ion battery.

Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum batteries and wheels are modular in design, extremely easy to disassemble.

Auxiliary brush’s motor

To learn more about the internal details, we need to dismantle it further, these are sweeping robot protection plate and back plastic case.

After removing the protection plate and back plastic case, the front protective shell and LDS laser distance sensor can be removed. Since too many screws fixed it, so I spent some time in the dismantling process.

LDS laser distance sensor fixed fairly stable, which is one of the core parts of the sweeping robot.

The ultrasonic radar sensors are similar to a car reversing radar, automatic deceleration in the face of obstacles, used to reduce the impact of the sweeping robot.

After the remove all protective shell, sweeping robot’s internal structure is shown in front of us, we can see each solder joint arranged in order and the same size.

The Mi sweeping robot workmanship is very well. The modular design is simple and convenient after-sales service.

Source: it168


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