Fanless laptops and ultrabooks list of 2019


With the rapid development of science and technology, CPU boasts of increasingly high performance, and it has lower and lower power consumption since this year. Besides, many fanless laptops mainly depend on Intel Core M or Core Y mobile platform. At present, lots of people are wondering if they should buy one. Today, we will discuss this type and whether it deserves to buy.

Nowadays, the laptop without a fan has already been popular in the market. Many manufacturers have successfully solved the heat dissipation problem on the laptop that user concerns. With good performance and heat dissipation, the fanless laptop perhaps will become a new trend in the laptop market.
fanless laptops

1. The biggest advantage is quiet.
As the usage time on the laptop increases, lots of dust will gather inside. In the meantime, lubricant exhaustion, deviation, and damage will happen after a fan axis works for a long time. Generally speaking, a laptop with a fan will eventually bring loud noise if it is in use for a long time without getting good maintenance. Under the silent condition, the user can more clearly hear the noise generated by a fan.

Also, noise problem caused by a fan will fail to be radically settled even if you clean the dust and give it good maintenance. So the radical problem that a fanless laptop solves is laptop’s noise problem.

2. It brings ultrathin design.
This type has saved some space after it cancels the heat dissipation module including a fan and cooling copper pipe. Therefore, we can see that this laptop boasts of more thin body and the most classic example is Apple’s new MacBook.

3. It brings better sealing effect.
The fanless design enables a laptop not to have extra heat dissipation hole. This laptop can achieve heat dissipation effect as long as it uses a heat sink and metal shell. As a result, a laptop without a fan has not only greatly improved its sealing effect but also internal cleanliness.

Although it has better performance on thinness, noise, and sealing, this type also has some weakness.

1. At present, this type’s biggest weakness is processor performance. As though Core M platform has better performance than Pentium, Celeron and Atom processor bring, it still shows poor performance when compared with standard voltage processor. That’s why most users hesitate to purchase one.

2. The thin and light product brings great portability, but it also brings some problem to whole reliability since this type most uses metal shell which doesn’t have high hardness owing to thin body design. For instance, the thin and light product is more inclined to get broken than traditional product under fall, clash and squeezing condition.

Fanless laptops and ultrabooks

Model Type Screen Processor Weight Price
Acer Chromebook 15 General 15.6″ IPS FHD Braswell Celeron 2.19 kg / 4.85 lbs $249
Acer Spin 7 Convertible 14.0″ IPS FHD touch Kaby Lake Core Y 1.60 kg / 3.53 lbs $899
Acer Chromebook 14 General 14.0″ IPS FHD Broadwell Celeron 1.68 kg / 3.70 lbs $289
Teclast F7 General 14.0″ IPS FHD Apollo Lake Celeron 1.23 kg / 2.71 lbs $339
ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 TP401 Convertible 14.0″ IPS FHD touch Kaby Lake Core U 1.50 kg / 3.30 lbs $349
ASUS E406SA General 14.0″ TN FHD Broadwell Celeron 1.30 kg / 2.87 lbs $299
Acer Switch 7 General 13.3″ IPS FHD Kaby Lake Core Y 1.12 kg / 2.48 lbs $1199
ASUS Zenbook Flip UX360CA Convertible 13.3″ IPS FHD touch or QHD+ Skylake Core M 1.30 kg / 2.86 lbs $699
Dell XPS 13 9365 2-in-1 Convertible 13.3″ IPS touch FHD or QHD+ Kaby Lake Core Y (i5-7Y54,i5-7Y57) 1.24 kg / 2.70 lbs $1099
Huawei Matebook X General 13.3″ IPS FHD+ touch (2160 x 1440) KabyLake Core U 1.05 kg / 2.31 lbs $799
Asus NovaGo TP370QL General 13.3″ IPS FHD touch Snapdragon 835 1.39 kg / 3.05 lbs unknown
ASUS Transformer Book T300CHI Detachable 12.5″ IPS FHD touch Broadwell Core M 1.45 kg / 3.20 lbs $466
HP EliteBook Folio G1 General 12.5″ IPS FHD or QHD Skylake Core M 0.97 kg / 2.14 lbs $929
HP Spectre x2 12-a000 Detachable 12.5″ IPS FHD touch Kaby Lake Core Y 1.22 kg / 2.67 lbs (w/ dock) $579
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5 General 12.5″ IPS FHD Kaby Lake Core M 1.07 kg / 2.36 lbs $559
DELL Latitude 7285 Detachable 12.3″ IPS touch (2880 x 1920) Kaby Lake Core Y (i5-7Y54,i5-7Y57) 1.66 kg / 3.70 lbs (w/ dock) $1099
Lenovo Miix 630 Detachable 12.3″ IPS FHD touch Snapdragon 835 0.58 kg / 1.27 lbs unknown
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (2nd) Detachable 12″ IPS FHD+ touch (2160 x 1440) Kaby Lake Core Y (i7-7Y75) 0.77 kg / 1.69 lbs $1599
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet 12.3″ IPS touch (2736 x 1824) Kaby Lake Core Y 0.78 kg / 1.73 lbs $699
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Tablet 12.3″ IPS touch (2736 x 1824) Kaby Lake Core U 0.77 kg / 1.70 lbs $899
Acer Switch 3 Detachable 12.2″ IPS FHD touch Apollo Lake Pentium (N4200) 0.90 kg / 1.98 lbs $429
Acer Switch Alpha 12 Detachable 12″ IPS FHD+ touch (2160 x 1440) Skylake Core U (i5-6200U) 1.25kg / 2.76 lbs $549
Apple MacBook 12 General 12″ IPS (2304 x 1440) Skylake Core M 0.92 kg / 2.03 lbs $1299
Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 700 Detachable 12″ IPS FHD+ touch (2160 x 1440) Skylake Core M (m5-6Y54) 0.78 kg / 1.70 lbs $849
Huawei Matebook E Detachable 12″ IPS FHD+ touch (2160 x 1440) Kaby Lake Core Y 1.10 kg / 2.43 lbs (w/ dock) $599

Mini fanless laptops

Model Type Screen Processor Weight Price
Acer Spin 1 General 11.6″ IPS FHD Apollo Lake Pentium 1.25 kg / 2.76 lbs $299
Dell Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1 Convertible 11.6″ HD touch Braswell Pentium (N3710) 1.39 kg / 3.07 lbs $299
Asus Transformer Book T101HA Detachable 10.1″ IPS HD Atom CherryTrail 1.09 kg / 2.40 lbs (w/ dock) $299
Asus Transformer Book T102HA Detachable 10.1″ IPS HD Atom CherryTrail 0.77 kg / 1.70 lbs (w/ dock) $399
Lenovo Miix 320 Tablet 10.1″ IPS FHD touch Atom BayTrail 0.99 kg / 2.20 lbs (w/ dock) $349

Since the fanless laptop has been on sale in the market, the problem that user complains most is undoubtedly performance that Core M platform brings. However, most of them even haven’t used it.

With CPU performance reaching a high standard, the Intel Core M processor can cope with basic daily tasks. Besides, the user experience that a laptop brings doesn’t depend on processor performance. Therefore, many users start to change SSD for the old laptop to improve user experience, and this method does work. As far as the user is concerned, it is high time that he correctly judged what product suits himself most by reviewing the relationship between performance and user experience.


  1. That’s why the Acer switch 5 with an i7 and passive liquid loop is the best solution. The only drawback being the battery life since it works with a full-fledge CPU.
    It should be in the laptop category, or it could be since it’s really a surface-like tablet. it’s sad that even Acer don’t build a liquid loop laptop instead of a surface like design.

  2. HP 17″ laptop 17-by0010nr.
    It has an N5000 processor and no fan.
    The Asus laptop with N5000 does have a fan.
    See processors under 7W, they are likely built into fanless laptops, but not guaranteed:,4
    They’re supposed to be a successor to the N5000 processor in Q4/2019, then look for HP laptops built with that processor.
    Check youtube videos about SSD upgrade of the certain model name, they open it up, and then you can see if a fan is there or just a big aluminum plate.


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