How to Fix Laptop Fan Noise


Laptop fan noise is one of the common problems that the user usually meets. Today, we will talk about the laptop fan noise and provides some solutions to solve this problem.

There are two reasons that cause laptop fan’s loud noise:

1. One reason is that the cooling fan is blocked by dust. Generally speaking, the new fan (in a laptop) usually brings low sound, and the noise becomes louder after the fan is used for a long time. Such case caused by dust because dust is easy to enter the laptop. When the laptop fan rotates at high speed, the whirlpool effect makes the dust easily attaches to the fan. In the meantime, the laptop’s internal heat sink module usually gathers lots of dust, the heat sink and fan in particular. The dust will influence laptop’s heat dissipation performance, leading to the increase on the laptop fan sound.

For the laptop whose loud fan noise caused by dust, you need to clean laptop fan and heat sink. Use a tool to blow out the dust on the fan or use a brush to clean up the surface when the laptop doesn’t get disassembled or only its keyboard gets removed. But such a method doesn’t work.

Clean the dust on a fan and vent.
remove screws
Remove screws on the back cover.
remove the back cover
Remove the back cover, and the fan can be seen.

If you want to completely clean up the laptop’s dust, you need to remove the laptop’s motherboard and then take out the fan. Disassemble the fan and take out the blade to clean up it. Using the oil to wash the fan is a good way to remove the dust. We need to mention that disassembly on the laptop will make the user void the warranty if the laptop is still under warranty. If not taking the warranty into consideration, the user can bring the laptop to the computer maintenance shop to get it cleaned. Before disassembling the laptop, you need to wash hands first to avoid damaging internal components.
take out fan
dust on fan
Then power off the laptop and remove the battery. Find proper screwdriver to disassemble the laptop. Use a brush to remove the dust from the fan blade. After the dust removal, install the fan on the laptop again. If there are specks of dust gathering on the vent, take out the heat sink module to clean up the dust.
clean the fan

2. The other reason is that the fan gets broken. Facing such a condition, we have no choice but to replace the cooling fan with a new one.


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