Honor MagicBook Disassembly and RAM, SSD upgrade options


On April 19, Honor released the MagicBook in Shanghai. As the third manufacturer from the mobile phone to the PC industry, what are the highlights of the MagicBook? Will Honor be a great success in the notebook field? With these questions, let us find the answer in the MagicBook.

In this guide, I will disassemble an Honor MagicBook. I will remove the bottom case in order to access the battery, SSD, Wi-Fi card, RAM, cooling fan, heatsink, and motherboard.

To access the internal structure, you have to remove the screws on the bottom cover and pry off the bottom cover with a plastic tool. The interior design of the MagicBook is very simple and clear. The bottom is the battery, it comes with a 7.6V, 57.4Wh Li-ion battery and with a part number of HB4593R1ECW; the upper thermal module occupies a large area, which includes two heat pipes and a fan, the fan covered with a layer of copper, and the overall heat dissipation effect is good. In addition, the memory is integrated on the motherboard and cannot be expanded. The M.2 NGFF SSD is located at the top and comes from Lite-On. The LITE-ON CV8-8E256 is a SATA SSD, but the good news is the M.2 port supports PCI-E SSD, so if you are not satisfied with the SATA SSD, you can upgrade to a PCI-E SSD. The lower part of the heatsink is the Intel i5-8250U processor and GeForce MX150 video card. Most of the mainboard are sealed with black adhesive tape to prevent static electricity.

The Wi-Fi adapter placed near the heatsink and it’s Intel 8265HUW. We found that its model is different from the model on other brands notebooks. Usually, the model number should be 8265NGW. It is estimated that this is a Huawei customized model.


  1. does it have another slot for expanding the ssd or hdd……or can we even expand the storage anyhow..? please reply…need to take decision whether to buy or not


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