Acer Aspire V13 V3-372 disassembly, internal photos and RAM, SSD upgrade guide


As an upgraded version of the V3-371, Acer Aspire V13 V3-372 is not much change in the overall design, the thickness of the body less than 20mm, and features a 13.3 inches full HD display. Differences between the “older generation” is mainly reflected in the details, such as the power button from the top right corner of the keyboard move to the upper left corner, and HDMI, RJ45 port to swap positions, it is added a USB 2.0 port and support for USB 3.1 type-C port. If you have special requirements for high-speed storage, USB3.1 port can help you save a lot of time for data transmission.

All you need to do is remove all the screws on the bottom plate. After you do so, take a thin plastic tool or credit card to pry up the bottom case.

Now you can reach everything you might need, but this doesn’t mean that you can upgrade it. You can replace and change the battery, RAM, Wi-Fi module and the SSD storage.

Although Aspire V13 reserved a 2.5-inch standard hard disk bay, Acer did its preparation is M.2 slot adapter plate. It can only install an M.2 SSD (low-end version is direct to 2.5-inch SATA3.0 hard disk slot). If Acer can do further optimize for the motherboard, it can provide both 2.5-inch slot and M.2 slot. But for a 13-inch small notebook, the 256GB SSD is also sufficient to meet the needs of most users.

The laptop comes with a 256GB Kingston M.2 SSD.

Acer Aspire V13 V3-372 has two RAM slots. In our case, both of which were taken by 4GB Samsung DDR3L-1600 chips.

You also have easy access to the Wi-Fi module, which is manufactured by Atheros with model number NFA344A.

Because the laptop with an integrated graphics card, so the cooling system only features a single copper pipe with good enough cooling fan to keep the notebook running under heavy load without any signs of thermal throttling.
From the picture, we can see the Intel processor is soldering to the motherboard, so you cannot upgrade the processor.



  1. Michael,

    Good stuff!

    I just ordered a V3-372 and need to swap my German keyboard for a US one which I bought on Ebay. I hope that I can just swap some of the keys but if this does not work I will have to see if I can disassemble the whole inner works…

    Could you send me some high resolution pics?



  2. Good stuff.

    I have had problems with my WiFi connections lately. Decided take a look and realized I was missing a screw in the middle of the case. Thanks to you I noticed this is approximately the location of WiFi chip. I hope that replacing the screw will help.

  3. For some reason the two USB ports, Head Phone Jack and SD Card slot does not work on my Acer Aspire V3-372T-5051. I tried checking continuity on the FPC connecting main board to the side and i see thats fine.

    Does it mean the side board need to be replaced? I also tried reinstalling drivers and so on and was of no luck!

    Any suggestions?

    • Had exactly the same problem. Reading another reply below, it seems to be a common fault with this model. Took me a while to find an affordable replacement part, but swaping the side board containing the 4 ports solved the problem. Take notice, it may take you to also/instead swap the related flex-cable.


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